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Making Potato Salad with Homemade Mayo

Not my potato salad, from lynn.gardner via flickr

Like I mentioned yesterday, my wonderful husband, Brentan, is here with a short guest post with his super delicious and popular potato salad. This time he made it slightly differently with homemade mayo. It truly made it stand out from past versions! Take it away, Brentan.


This weekend I was in charge of both potato salad and pulled pork for our summer weekend BBQ.  I spent most of my time on the pork, and yet it seems the potato salad was the life of our party.  Producing it was simple enough:
– 1 big ol bag of red potatoes…I think I used about 10-12 small to medium spuds, cut into chunks
– about 1/8 of one very large red onion, nicely diced
– dill (maybe 2 tablespoons?)
– mustard (4 tablespoons?)
– salt (a pinch?  if you cant tell by now I don’t really measure things….)
– 6 hard-boiled eggs
– homemade mayo (1/2 lemon, 2 cups veggie oil, 2 eggs)
– cook them taters.  Boil some water, salt it, add the potatoes (covered with water), wait until they are tender to a knife point and the skins are starting to detach…~30 minutes
– Drain the potatos and let sit and cool
– Add the chopped onion, dill, and mustard
– Loosely chop the 6 hardboiled eggs and add to the potatoes
– Make the mayo: Crack the 2 eggs into a food processor and pulse until mixed.  Then turn on the food processor and slowly add the 2 cups of veggie oil until its emulsified…then squeeze in the 1/2 lemon
– Add about 2 giant, overflowing, hopping spoonfuls of the mayo to the potato salad
– mix it all up, refigerate to let flavors meld, and enjoy!
– Finally, look confusingly at the ~1.5 cups of remaining homemade mayo and invent ways to use it in the next 48 hours before it spoils (or, you could just make less mayo….)

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