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Laundry Days

Mondays are traditional laundry days and I have a pile of laundry to tackle. We have been gone for 10 days while we drove to Toronto, Canada to a fabulous wedding then camped our way home along the shores of the Great Lakes. Now it is Monday and I am faced with putting away the camping gear and washing everything.  Ugh.

The weather is clear, dry and perfect for hanging the laundry on the line outside. I have all but given up drying my clothes in the dryer. I hang almost everything either outside when the skies are blue or inside my garage or in my basement.

Here is a laundry tip for keeping towels fresh and clean:

When my towels become sour smelling within a few days of being laundered here is what I do;

Mix 1 cup of ammonia with 1 gallon of hot water and soak the stinky towel overnight.  Wash as usual. The mildew spores should be killed.

Dry the towels in the sun for a wonderful fresh smell.

Touch up dry towels for 5 minutes in the dryer to soften them.

Never use softener sheets on towels. They will lose their absorbency.

Damp towels left on the floor will mildew!

Happy Laundry Monday!  -peg


2 thoughts on “Laundry Days

    • No, they were a birthday present from my friend, Mary. Not many people in this world would know that a gift of clothespins would make me so happy 🙂 I should also post a photo of the cute clothespin bag that she made for me.

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