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Choosing Guest Bedroom Colors


I told you last week that I’d share the color scheme for my ongoing guest bedroom project with you. Despite a short delay due to a broken water heater, here it is: turquoise, yellow, and gray, with white accents. The bedroom is not done yet, but I have most major elements in place.

I’m still not going to spill what colors or fabrics go where, but the colors were inspired by a trip to JoAnn fabrics and the discovery of this (slightly crazy) wavy patterned fabric in the home decor section. The yellow matches the duvet set (which isn’t changing) perfectly, and I really wanted to introduce a third color into the scheme, and the turquoise works really well.

I’ll let you in on a secret though–the turquoise ‘eucalyptus leaf’ paint chip is not the color of the walls!

Any other guesses on what I have done and what I have left to do?




5 thoughts on “Choosing Guest Bedroom Colors

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  2. Whew, that is not the color of the walls. Good. It could be a pop of color on a closet door or stripe around the room or to frame some artwork or maybe to paint a chandelier. Use it just for a spot of color though, a little will go a long way. Can you tell I have been watching Design Star? Go Meg!

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