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Laundry lines

laundry is something that we all do. Most people look at doing laundry as a chore that can’t be avoided. I enjoy laundry. I like the  fresh smell of clean clothes. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment of having stacks of folded shirts and underwear. I get a certain thrill when I have removed an especially difficult stain. Call me weird. Go ahead, it wouldn’t be the first time…

I have posted about my laundry room in the past. Check out the  floor cloth I painted here.  There is more to my laundry room than just a pretty floor.   This may look like an ordinary cabinet.  You may think that I keep cleaning supplies in there. You may be right but there is also a secret behind those doors.

Check this out! I can hang and dry a full load of laundry on my retractable clothesline. I can also hide the line to tidy up before company comes over.  I rarely use my dryer anymore.  I feel good that I am being a good citizen by saving energy.  When I hang clothes in the winter, I appreciate the added humidity from the drying clothes.  During good weather, I open that window and enjoy a fresh breeze to help dry the load. I have tried using a collapsible wooden clothes rack but it takes up so much floor space and doesn’t really hold a full load of clothes. This works much much better. Here is the clothesline that I use but there are others out there that would work too. I replaced the plastic piece that pulls the lines out from the wall. I made a wooden one that is sturdier and can hold the weight of wet clothes. Make sure that you anchor both ends of the clothesline into studs in the wall. A load of wet clothes is heavy. I hope I have inspired some of you to put up an indoor retractable clothesline. It’s a good thing.

As an aside, I found these clothespins at an estate sale. I imagine that a very kind man painted these for his young wife.  She thought of him every time she  washed his overalls or her children’s dungarees. Her laundry line was between his vegetable garden and her flower garden, near the barn. He was the kind of husband who helped his wife with household chores. He washed windows. They probably held hands on walks together.  He brought coffee to her each morning  in her garden. He was a sweet, sentimental man. They both died within 2 weeks of each other,  happy and content after 60 years of marriage.  It is my honor to take care of these clothespins.   Happy laundry!  -Peg

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  11. The link for the clothesline is broken. I’ve wanted this for awhile but didn’t know where to look. Where did you find it?

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  24. I love the idea of using a retractable line. I’m just now thinking about line drying in my home, I used to use a drying rack, but there was never enough space! I just started blogging and added your article to my resources because this is a fantastic idea!

  25. I read a couple questions that you did not answer above that I’m also curious about:) 1)how do you hook the opposite end. I like how you were able to hide one end in your cupboard- great idea!
    2) someone mentioned reading about poor reviews & wondering how yours is holding up? Thank you!

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  27. I would like to do the retractable clothesline but heard terrible reviews on the one you bought, except all others were really expensive. How has your held up? Could you explain how you mounted wood for a sturdier clothesline like you mentioned? Thanks!

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  34. Good Housekeeping included you in one of their recent online articles. I was in love with the clothes line so I had to come here to find out more. I use the wooden racks (as my mother always did) but they take up kitchen space while drying happens, and I’m allergic to so much outside outdoor drying isn’t an option. Therefore, this is perfect! for my needs. Thank you for sharing this great gadget with us 🙂

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  36. In the beginning I hated hanging laundry, BUT I came to love the time outside enjoying the day, its sounds and smells, and touching and organizing clean garments. Faced with no yard in our condo and not any unfinished basement I am challenged to reinvent laundry hanging time. Thank you for the ideas.

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    • Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea….we just put in a newud room/laundry room n will be installing a cabinet soon but trying to figure out a practical n clever clothes drying/hanging set up n this might be it 🙂

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