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Korin’s Updated Living Room: Before and After

Remember when I helped out Korin come up with a scheme for her living room? Well, she invited me over to her condo the other day to update me on the changes she made. Her changes varied a little from the geometric scheme I suggested, and it turned out quite nice!

Here is a picture to jog your memory on what Korin’s living room looked like before:

Between May and September, Korin accomplished:

  • Painted the walls a light gray
  • Added a few new lamps (isn’t the yellow Crate and Barrel lamp fabulous?)
  • Found a new rug with green organic shapes (barely pictured)
  • Installed a deconstructed poster gallery wall.

Here it her living room now:

The art on the wall above her couch is made up of an Andy Warhol print of the Brooklyn Bridge, cut up into 9 pieces and installed in vintage frames. Korin came up with this original concept by herself, and I think it adds a very homey, eclectic feel to a room that needs a little touch of something DIY.

I think it’s quite amazing how different, and more cozy, her room looks with just a few changes. She didn’t add any new furniture or really any huge or expensive new elements, but with a bit of color on the walls and a fun lamp, the whole space is tied together.

I still love those West Elm side tables the best though!

There still are a few other changes that need to be made, like installing some floor to ceiling drapes on the windows to give the room even more warmth, and Korin would like to replace her coffee table with something that fits in better.

Here is another view with the kitchen and a new funky bookshelf.

What’s your favorite piece?




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