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Cheap Ways to Make Your House a Home

Apartment Therapy, one of my favorite websites as you may be able to tell, has a wonderful post today titled “5 Completely Free Ways to Make Your House a Home“. Click on over to that link to find out AT’s five, and then scroll down to read my five!

My suggestions aren’t all free, but are inexpensive and greatly improve your quality of home life.

1. Make A Drink

I often feel better after a stiff cocktail or a glass of California wine or a Sierra Nevada.  A drink at home is much cheaper than a drink at the bar, and while I love having a bartender mix a classic cocktail in front of me, there is nothing like kicking back with your partner or friend on your own sofa with a drink in hand. My favorite right now? A gin and tonic. While you’re at it, set up a nice bar so you can mix drinks whenever you want!

2. De-clutter

I know. Not everyone likes to clean. I certainly don’t. But a clean home is a happy home and it feels good to purge (as long as you aren’t a hoarder!). Get those dishes out of the sink, fold your laundry, or take everything off of the coffee table except for three carefully curated items. You’ll feel way better if you spend 5 or 15 minutes. (Then see number 1 above!)

3. Share It with A Furry Friend

A friendly, furry face greeting you as you come home from a long day at work does wonders on your mood and the atmosphere in your home. If you can make the commitment, it’s wonderful to share your home with a dog or cat that needs a someone to love. My life got way better after I met Daphne. How could you resist a face like this?

4. Add A Plant

If you can’t make the time and emotional commitment necessary to have a pet in your home, and even if you can, a plant adds life to your space. Plants come in so many shapes and sizes too, so you can pick one that fits your personality and the design of your space. Are you quirky and forgetful? An epiphyte would be great! Meticulous and girly? An orchid! Practical and like to cook? Herbs! My favorite plant in my home is this palm-like little tree that is spiky and effortless.

5. Fill It with Color!

Paint the walls, find textiles you love, and enlist the help of friends and significant others so you can have your home visually reflect the exuberance for life you have outside your home. Bring back souvenirs from trips and mementos from special occasions and family heirlooms. Don’t be afraid to have your home reflect YOU, even though you don’t find it in a design blog or magazine. I love my green kitchen walls and grandfather’s art and chandelier from my wedding and mid century table! This room is me 🙂

 Anything else you would add to make your house a home?



3 thoughts on “Cheap Ways to Make Your House a Home

    • Yes. Legal disclaimer: Please drink responsibly and know your limits. If you are under 21 you should never drink, not even at home. It is #1 because I was drinking a beer as I wrote the article and the first thing I wrote down. 🙂

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