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Club Chair Fabric

Hi friends! Remember this brown club chair that I found for free in my neighborhood many months ago? Well, I haven’t made much progress on it, but I did find some fabric possibilities. Since this is the first real thing I will attempt to reupholster I didn’t want to have to match patterns or stripes, but I did pick out two fabrics that have more random patterns.

The green fabric on the right is basic Braemore canvas in Apple. It is so simple and I love the color. It’s pretty close to the green in my kitchen which could relate really well into the living room.

The second fabric is a wild Crocosil Home Indoor/Outdoor fabric Chicopee in Citrus. The boldness of this is dramatic and would be a statement in the living room.

The third fabric that you can’t see very well in the picture so references the 60’s and might be a bit polarizing. It’s Robert Allen Home Halmstead in Graphite.  I love the grey and grellow, and the vintage pattern references the vintage chair. Maybe too much.

So which fabric did I pick?

I’m going with the green canvas! It’s basic, and will be the easiest to reupholster with and I realized if I bought a chair in the store, I’d probably pick a solid fabric. So wish me luck! Luckily, my mom is going to spend some time with me to help me do it!




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