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I’m Indecisive: Club Chair Fabric Take Two

After I wrote that last post about fabric for this chair, I called up my mom and she convinced me that plain green cotton canvas is not the way to go for an upholstered piece. First, cotton doesn’t wear as well as polyester or a blend, and a chair like this might work better with a fabric with more texture. So I returned the first three samples to Joann, and came back with a bunch more. Clockwise from the top left, these are:

Annie Selke Links in Taupe. It’s 100% cotton.

Waverly Mica in Iguana. Polyester, acrylic and rayon blend.

Robert Allen Home Nouveau Wave in Corn Silk. 100% polyester.

Annie Selke again, Pearls in Citrus. Cotton, polyester blend.

And finally, another Braemore Erin in Green tea. Linen cotton blend.


I still can’t decide. My favorite pattern is the Annie Selke Links, which is graphic, playful, fun. But it’s another cotton fabric. I want this to hold up well. I like the Waverly Mica too, but the green is a little muddy, and seems a bit old lady-ish, which may not go well with my modern living room. Then again, a lot of my living room is inspired by the 60’s, which is old lady style anyways. I like the texture of the Robert Allen Home Nouveau Wave, but the pattern is kind of hotel like. It might be too busy too. And the textured Braemore is a linen cotton blend, which I imagine is even more delicate than just cotton.

So what do I do? Keep looking? Pick on of these anyways? Help!



6 thoughts on “I’m Indecisive: Club Chair Fabric Take Two

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  2. Links!! whats the issue with cotton? holding up over time? will you really use this chair that often?? if yes, what about links on the back and arms and a solid coordinating more durable seat?

    or check out !!

  3. I really like the one on the blue hanger – “pearls in citrus” I think? Just caught my eye.
    However, if you aren’t totally excited about any of them, I think you should keep looking. 🙂 Just my opinion. I should also say, I didn’t go back and look at the pics from the room where the chair lives.

    Hope all is well with you and Brentan!


  4. Gah. That’s frustrating about the Links being cotton, because that’s hands-down my fave. You’re right that the Waverly is granny-ish. And I can see your point about the hotel-ish bit with the next. Hm. I’d keep looking. Don’t settle for something you don’t absolutely love!

    If it were me, I’d probably go with the cotton and choose a print I loved over the durability…BUT….I’d try scotchguarding it or something like that to better protect it. Will that help with the wearability of it?

    Have you checked out the Iman fabrics at Calico Corners? Or how about ordering swatches of all sorts of things from
    BTW, If you go with one of those fabrics from the fabric store, I’d search it online because I think you’ll get a better price on, esp. because you can also Google for a coupon code to use at checkout.

    • Jane, thanks for such a detailed reply and suggestions. You definitely are a fabric guru in my mind! I’ll keep looking, but if I don’t find anything I’ll go for the Links. It’s so fun, and it already is scotch guarded.

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