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The Big Reveal: Guest Room Before and After

The guest room is finally together. I have a few things left to touch up, but it is finished and awaiting its first new guest! Remember when I started working on the guest room? I cleared everything out and started with a ‘White Box Challenge,’ just like on Design Star! Well, this season of Design Star is now complete (yay Meg!), and it took me a lot longer than an HGTV designer to get this done. I was in no hurry, but I may want to reconsider thinking about going on Design Star, ever. 🙂 Remember what my guest room looked like before it was cleaned out? It was boring and not cohesive and not welcoming to my guests.

Well, I cleaned it out and took everything out (and gave away that awful, ugly treadmill) so I could start anew. The Guest Bedroom Whitebox Challenge was born! I gave myself a strict $200 budget to make this into a welcoming, warm, colorful space.

White Box Challenge

I managed to stick to the budget by using things that I already had, making things that I needed to add, and using one Crate and Barrel gift certificate to add a few new things.

Things I kept:

  • Bed (Ikea)
  • Bedspread (Dwell Studio from Target)
  • Side Table (Estate sale find)
  • Chair (Crate and Barrel, part of my 6 piece dining set)

Things I made:

Things from ‘shopping’ my house:

  • Mini desk (Ikea, used to be my sewing table, but I barely used it)
  • Artwork (other than paint chip)
  • Lamps (Vintage)
  • Vase and Billy Button flowers (from the garden)
  • Books
  • Typewriter
  • White bedspread (Vintage, replaced from my bed with a brand new steal of a deal from C&B.)

Totally new things:

  • Carafe (Crate and Barrel)
  • Mirror (Home Depot)
  • Gray paint (Home Depot)

Take a look at the new space.

I love it! But there are still a few things I would change. I like the lattice border around the mirror (see way below), and I think the pictures above the bed are a bit small in scale, so I might paint a border on that wall too, or add some new or different art. I think there needs to be art above the tables on either side of the bed as well. Also, the wall by the floor lamp, below, needs to be filled with something, too.

The bench isn’t quite finished yet. I still have to put the tufted buttons on. There was a delay since I didn’t have any upholstery thread, and my other thread just snapped. That is on the to do list.

I have a white garden stool outside, that might look good in this room, but I’m not sure if it needs it, or where it should go.

Here are a few more detail pictures. Yay!

Doesn't it look comfy and colorful? Just how I like to decorate!

Will you come visit me? You’re welcome to stay in my new guest bedroom!

I hope to share a few of my projects more in depth over the next few weeks, so be on the lookout!


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6 thoughts on “The Big Reveal: Guest Room Before and After

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  4. Yes! I want to visit! It looks wonderful. I love the tufted bench and the mirror border. The pillows on the bed are perfect. I agree about adding more art to the wall above the bed but overall, it looks put together, warm and inviting. Good job!

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