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How To: Paint A Lattice Border

One of my favorite DIY elements in my newly decorated guest room is the lattice border I painted around this basic mirror. It was simple to do, but took a bit of time taping and waiting for layers of paint to dry. I was inspired by a feature in Martha Stewart Living that suggested painting this border on a door to spice it up.  I’m embracing the theme (see my new blog logo) and used it for this wall.

First, I prepped the walls by painting them gray. Then, I taped out a border equidistant around the mirror with a strip of painters tape. This tape would become the width of the single rectangle (in white), of 1 inch. Then I took two pieces of tape and placed them on either side of the first to create a stencil. I removed the first piece and had a nice, even line around the mirror. I painted a few coats of white glossy paint and removed the tape while it was still wet. The white is the same paint as the trim in this room (and the rest of the house).

For the second layer I decided that it should be the same width away from the first line, so I just used one strip of tape to be a buffer. I wanted the second layer to be slightly wider than the white part (1.25 inches) so I measured 1.25″ away from my piece of tape to place the second piece of tape. After both of these pieces were in place and lined up, it looked like this:I painted this ‘stencil’ Behr Eucalyptus Leaf turquoise in a glossy finish and removed the tape while the paint was still wet. I got crisp lines both times, for the finished look below!

Alternately, you could switch the colors, or make the solid rectangle be on top of the angled one by switching the order of taping and painting.
This project was not hard, it just required a bit of measuring and basic math.
I think it’s a very classic design done in a simple way. I’ve come to appreciate geometry in home decor, and would like to design a room with only references to geometry at one point, mainly inspired by this painting. I could use the golden rectangle, the Pythagorean theorem, geodesic domes, spheres, tessalations, I could go on. Maybe geometry was my favorite math class…

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