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October Harvest Table

Hi there. Sorry I’ve been neglecting this little blog for a while now. There have just been some exciting things going on in life! (like writing SOWs for work)

I spent last weekend visiting my parents in Minnesota. I was there for just a few days, but got to spend some quality time with my dad and mom, and talking with my mom got me more excited about the blog. We hope to have a few new things up here on the blog in the next month or so. We also all went on a beautiful 4 hour walk around the big park near my house.

My mom and I also had some time to put together a fall harvest table. My dad is quite the epic vegetable gardener, and every piece of produce in the picture was grown by him, including the pumpkins. If you could look out the window just a bit further, you’d see his huge garden.

So this is my mom’s beautiful kitchen. She is always tweaking things, and we brainstormed a few new ideas for the bathroom she is redoing, her bedroom, the living room, and potentially a new light fixture over this table. I suggested something like this lantern fixture from  Anyways, this is the ‘before’ picture:

It’s nice and open and airy. But not very fall like. We tweaked a few accessories, and added lots of colorful veggies:

I was going for an ombre-like, rainbow effect with the veggies, but they looked better inside the vintage tool box my mom happened to have on hand:

We set the table for four, using some of my mom’s collection of vintage dishes and an old linen bedsheet as a tablecloth. She has endless sets of vintage dishes and linens. I hope she shares the set of art deco china she just found at an estate sale on here sometime. Gorgeous. She said I can’t have it, because I already have a set of china, and she never got one for her wedding. I guess she’s right that you really only need one set of china, but I’m a little jealous.

That’s it! We had a fun morning taking pictures and setting the table.

Anything you’d like to add, Mom?



2 thoughts on “October Harvest Table

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  2. It was fun having you home for a few days! I cleared the table and switched things around again. I added a rug from the office, a painting from the living room and some lanterns from the back patio. I plan to paint but that is more of a commitment…thanks for the advice about the light fixture. I’ll try to post more!

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