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Boston Brownstones for Fall

Hi all!

I spent the last few days in Boston, on a mini vacation. I spent lots of time reading in cafes (devouring Steig Larsson’s Millenium series), walking around, and visiting with old friends.

I also took a few photos of pretty doorstep decor and seasonal decorations in Beacon Hill. If you’re not familiar with Beacon Hill, it is a historic neighborhood in Boston, filled with old, quaint houses that are from the 1700’s and 1800’s. It was a wealthy neighborhood then, and still is.

First off, I noticed that my mom and I are right on trend with Thai peppers from our October Harvest Table photo shoot last week. Actually, my dad is on trend by growing them! I saw them in probably half of the window boxes, and in all colors, including purple!

Plenty of pumpkins too! I like the white ones in this elegant box. 

Traditional orange ones populated many doorsteps!I had a great time visiting my old city and dreaming about colonial architecture or owning am old brownstone.

In the meantime, I’m inspired to decorate for cooler weather and scary holidays!




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