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Pimp My House (For Halloween)

My house is pimped out for Halloween! At least the outside is.

I got my pumpkins out, made an orange felt wreath and stuck my Halloween pumpkin string lights in the ground.

I love Halloween, and I got my craft on a bit last weekend. I made the wreath after seeing a similar, pretty one I found on Pinterest (linked to here). It was super simple–I just cut out a bunch of circles from a large piece of orange felt freehand and folded them loosely to pin them onto a wreath form. Check out the previous link, or the original inspiration from Design Sponge for detailed instructions. I wasn’t so concerned about getting perfect circles, but I did have to readjust the pins a bit to get a consistent ‘pack’ of the felt.

I carved my pumpkins after I took these pictures. So I might show you my spooky designs later this week 🙂

Hopefully the trick or treaters will appreciate my work next Monday night! (Yeah right!)



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