Thanksgiving Treats from around the Blogoshpere

I love Thanksgiving. It’s become my favorite holiday as an adult. (Halloween has lost its luster as I’ve grown older).

Unlike last year, when I was planning a chic California Thanksgiving, this year I’m going home to Minnesota to spend Thanksgiving with my mom and extended family. I don’t have to plan a menu, set a table, or cook for hours! Woohoo!

But I kinda miss it.

I find myself emailing my mom asking what I can do to help. What I can bring (halfway across the country). How I can help decorate.

While I’ll get there on Wednesday morning and have plenty of time to help, I find myself looking for good Thanksgiving ideas online.

So I’ve decided to round up a few cool ideas for those of you who might need some Thanksgiving help. This is what I’d do if I was hosting Thanksgiving!

1. Yummmm. Butternut squash shooters. Of course you’ll need to find some cool little shooter glasses, but what a cute idea for a Thanksgiving appetizer! Check out this video:
via YumSugar

2. The Happy Home blog has a natural, minimal table setting that’s perfect for a low-key Thanksgiving with friends. Hmmm, reminds me of Crate and Barrel.

3. I love love love this luxe tablecloth and vintage place setting via HGTV. It’s not traditional, but it sure would make an interesting conversation over dinner. Plus, I have a weak spot for that basket weave/trellis pattern.

4. West Elm has some pretty gold Thanksgiving plates ON SALE! I’m loving all things gold right now, especially these West Elm plates.

5. Speaking of gold, Courtney Out Loud has another beautiful gold and purple themed table setting. And by his description, its totally within reach of a modest budget. I’m just loving that purple and gold pairing!

Any other great Thanksgiving ideas?



2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Treats from around the Blogoshpere

  1. Thank you for including me in your grouping of holiday place settings! You can totally recreate the look on a budget. And good luck with MN – my one trip to the state resulted in being stuck in their airport for 3 days thanks to a snow storm.

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