Somewhat Crafty Weekend

Ever have one of those weekends that are absolutely filled with fun and not filled with productivity?

I had one of those. I had a great time at a few parties on Saturday, but when it came to doing some crafty things on Sunday, it was a big FAIL.

Well, you live and learn.

It started out great with a successful trip to Goodwill to get rid of all the old junk that was filling the office, and a trip to Michaels for all the supplies I needed for the jump start on holiday gifts I was going to make.

But the curtains I sewed were not the same length. They’re hanging up anyway.

The slippers I wanted to sew would fit a doll, not a real adult.

I lost motivation to make the candies I had planned.

My jump start turned out to only be a somewhat crafty weekend. I’ll try again later.

In the meantime, I have to come up with some fun ideas for a gift for the Lovely Package Exchange, hosted by the lovely Oh Hello Friend blog. My exchange partner is Lea from the Collect Collective, which is perfect, because who is easier to shop for than a collector? Yay!

Did you have better luck on projects this weekend?


PS. I’m off to Minnesota tomorrow. I heard there’s snow, which I haven’t seen in about two years! Happy Thanksgiving to all, and here’s hoping I stay warm!


2 thoughts on “Somewhat Crafty Weekend

  1. that pretty much happens to me every weekend! i get home from work on saturday mornings, head back out to pick up supplies… then end up on my bum for the rest of the weekend watching DVR’d episodes of “Criminal Minds.”

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