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Golden Thanksgiving Table

Well, Thanksgiving is over, and again this year I have much to be thankful for. Family, friends, good health, and enough to get by and be happy.

I’m also thankful for fun stuff, like decorating. I’m thankful that my mom likes to collect dishes and housewares so we can put together a beautiful setting for our family to gather.

My family hosted a huge dinner of 20 people for Thanksgiving. I arrived a day early to help my mom cook and prepare. And we prepared this gorgeous golden themed Thanksgiving table.

The china was found at an estate sale, and is vintage deco, probably from the 20s or 30s, and still in pristine condition. It shows how little people use their fine china. The set was for 12 with about 10 extra serving pieces, and we mixed in a few scalloped gold edge plates that my grandma had on hand to accommodate all 20 people (like mother, like daughter!). The marks on the bottom of the pieces vary, some saying Bavaria, some Limoges, and a few other prints. I’m curious about the story there, but may never know.

Mr. Rooster oversaw the dinner on the far wall. My mom has a thing for chickens and roosters. She used to have a few to give us fresh eggs in the morning. The poultry theme extends a bit to the pretty pheasant feathers on top of the plates. They were given to my mom by a good friends who likes to hunt pheasants. 

You can see the gourd-y dessert table I made in the far corner. Fortunately my mom has a gazillion cake plates and platters, which was nice for ALL 5 of the pies we had for Thanksgiving. Yum. My grandma’s pecan pie is to die for.

And here’ s the table right before dinner with plated salads and wine and lit candles. The crystal candlesticks are leftover from my wedding. My mom collected them over the year of my engagement at estate sales and they were centerpieces on all of the tables. I have a set at home, and my mom has about 50 more sets at her home.

The great thing about this table is that it would work well as a Christmas table too. Just replace the white pumpkins with some greenery, and add some red tapers, and you would be good to go!

It was a talkative and fun Thanksgiving. I hope your’s was great as well. I’ll show you later this week how I made the festive runner for the table.



5 thoughts on “Golden Thanksgiving Table

  1. I know I am late ‘coming to the table’ since i just found your blog but i do want to offer a possible explanation for your beautiful chi9na saying Bavaria and some Limoges. Back in the 1910-1925 era (and possibly longer) ladies painted china for a hobby. My grandmother had a kiln and taught painting lessons at her house before she married. I am the proud owner of many of her pieces. The banded designs were apparently very popular. Nana used plates from Limoges as well as Bavaria so those must have been the common sources of plain white plates to paint. The Limoges is a finer quality but all are beautiful. You have a gorgeous set. I am surprised that the painter didn’t include initials on any of the pieces.

  2. Your table is so pretty, and I especially love the pattern of the china. The feathers are a great touch. When I go home for the holidays I always scavenge my mom’s collection of stuff to create the tablescapes. I keep so little extra stuff on hand that it’s almost like playing in a department store when I get to use things at her house!

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