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A farmhouse bathroom

In anticipation of Thanksgiving and the onslaught of weekend guests, I feverishly worked to finish the guest bathroom remodel that I began last summer. I accomplished my goal of learning to use our power tools. The first few cuts with the table saw scared me so much that I had to sit down to calm my shaking hands. But the more I use it, the more confident I become. I now know how to make mitered cuts with the chop saw, curved cuts with the jig saw and finished edges with the router. I can say that I have been on one long power trip since last summer. I am very very slow but I still have all my fingers and a new bathroom. I sing a little mantra to myself every time I approach an electric saw “eyes, ears, fingers are they all okay?” I wear  earplugs and safety glasses  without fail. I really really respect those tools.

Here are some photos of the bathroom before the remodel:

I knocked down the plaster wall behind the pedestal sink and toilet and discovered a brick wall! I wish that the brick was in better shape so that I could have exposed it but in the end I covered it back up with drywall.

Here is the cabinet that I bought on craigslist for $25

I refinished it and added some trim on the bottom and sides to make it look more like a piece of furniture.

Here is the finished bathroom!

The entire remodel cost about $1700. About half that amount was for the marble counter top. I did not re-do any tile…I did that about 8 years ago. I did add bead board wainscoting new lighting, a new vanity and sink and built in shelves for towels. We hired a plumber to move the plumbing over about 18 inches but I connected the faucet and sink. I have a few tweaks to make before I am satisfied but overall, I can say that I’m very happy! I’ve been living in this bathroom for many weeks and I’m ready to get out of the house and on with my life…Peg


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