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The Easiest Laundry Tip Detergent Companies Don’t want you to know

Today, I am doing laundry! Surprise!  Here is a little tip that I do to keep me from using too much detergent. I simply draw a line on the laundry scoop to get the correct amount. Here are the reasons I do this:

1. Detergent companies are happy to have you fill that scoop to the top so that you will run out and buy more detergent often. Shocking, isn’t it?

2. It is ecological. Less detergent = less pollution

3. Clothes will be cleaner. Why? Because all the soap will wash away during the rinse cycle. Less soap =  less soap left on clothes

4. Your skin will be less itchy. Detergent residue can be the cause of itchy skin.

5. I like the faint smell of clean clothes but I do not want people to walk around smelling like eau du Tide.

6. The non perfumed detergents can also leave a residue on your clothes and skin if you use too much.

So, read the instructions on your brand of laundry detergent and mark the scoop that comes with it and use only that much or even a little less. you can see from the line on my scoop that it looks like this would be the amount for a small load but NO, it is the amount I should use for a large load! I’m telling you, the big bad laundry companies have studied us consumers. They know that we are not good at eyeballing portion sizes.  More is not always better. I promise that you will have clean, fresh laundry using less detergent!  Happy day!   -Peg


One thought on “The Easiest Laundry Tip Detergent Companies Don’t want you to know

  1. Very interesting does this apply to HE detergents as well? I use Tide liquid Cold Water formula. My husband once put extra detergent and it caused the machine to stop working and give a error code. Didn’t know what was going on, thought machine had broken, it stopped due to too much soap that had a lot of suds. I figured it out and ran the drain cycle then rinse then back to a wash cycle without any detergent.

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