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Company Clean – no chemicals required

The Holiday season is upon us; bring on the parties, bring on good cheer and bring on the out of town guests! It is time to ratchet up the cleaning regime. A good place to begin is in the guest bathroom. I routinely swish out the toilet bowl but because my water is full of minerals and some rust (we have a well), my sinks and toilets get hard water rings. Regular cleaners do not do much to get rid of this grunge.

The first time I tried this solution, I was afraid that I would ruin my toilet but it really works. It requires no chemicals, only a bit of elbow grease. Here is what to do…

Get a pumice stone. You can buy one in the cosmetic section of the drug store. Make sure that it is made of 100%  pumice. Pumice is organic rock formed from lava. It is softer than the vitreous china that makes up a  toilet bowl.

Put on cleaning gloves

Scrub the offending stain and hard crusty ring in the bowl.

Swish the bowl and flush.

Step back and be amazed!

Cheers!  -Peg


2 thoughts on “Company Clean – no chemicals required

    • No, it really doesn’t. The pumice is softer than the toilet bowl so it cannot scratch it but pumice is harder than the mineral (calcium) that builds up from water deposits. You can can scrape the ring away without damaging the bowl. Think about a dentist cleaning your teeth. It seems like the hygienist is scratching your teeth but because enamel is harder than the tool he/she uses for cleaning, your teeth stay protected. If you try this let me know if it works for you. Use pumice only on vitreous china though, I don’t want anyone ruining a sink or tub that is made of some other material!!!! Good luck!

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