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Farmhouse Bedroom

Elizabeth tells me that I should post a tour of my house.  This is a daunting task because I don’t think that I have a single room in my house that I could consider done enough to post pictures. Ah well, we have lived here for more than 20 years and I guess that this is simply the way my home will always be. It is constantly in flux, constantly in need of a good vacuum and constantly being tweaked.  But in the spirit of all the bloggers who have opened their homes to the blogosphere, I will post a room occasionally until I cover every room. Maybe this project will spur me on to finish some rooms that are on the list.

Today, I am posting some photos of our master bedroom. It is a wonderful room with expansive views of the rolling farm fields and wetlands that surround our home.

This is what I started with this morning…clean sheets!

I made the bed and started to look at it critically.

So…I hunted around the house and brought in the wrought iron tree from Potterybarn; the lamps are from there as well.  The  throw is a vintage bedspread. The toile coverlet is from Charter House. Everything else is from various estate sales, everything but the cherry bed. That was purchased 20 years ago.

This vintage dresser was free. I found it 25 years ago. The photo of the tree is in my post on trees .

Liz’s brother, Sam made the clay head in high school art class. The old brick is from Chaska brick which is from our local quarry.

This is my added touch to make the photo a little more interesting.  I made the sock and the pin cushion. The bulbous thing is a vintage sock egg that helps you mend socks.

This is Sathi’s doggy bed where she sleeps every night. To be honest, she sleeps during the day on the bed but at night she gets kicked out and is resigned to sleep in her basket.

This is one view from the bedroom. The upstairs of the barn was a playhouse for Liz when she was a little girl!

So, that is the bedroom tour.  I couldn’t possibly show you my disastrous walk in closet – yet. Maybe I’ll get the bug to clean it up. The master bath is also connected and I will take photos soon. I promise.  – Peg


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