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Pink Shimmery Christmas Dinner Table

I thought I’d share with you my Christmas dinner table.

This year, Brentan and I were orphans in the Bay Area– neither of our families came to visit, and we couldn’t make the trip to see them in Minnesota or the East Coast. However, it turned out we hosted a dinner for 9 other Christmas orphans in our tiny dining area. The party included friends from India, Australia, and Sweden!

I continued my pink and shimmery theme from my Christmas tree to my Christmas table. I bought some cheap bouquets of white, green, red, and pink flowers at the grocery store and combined them all in three different thrift store vases for a colorful and festive look.

I used my nice wedding china and flatware, and typed up place cards on some pink cardstock using my typewriter.

We cooked up a feast that included a Christmas ham, duck, beet salad, brussel sprouts,  green salad, stuffing, curry, chocolate mousse, cheesecake, cookies, and an apple pie! It was a festive dinner, that lasted long into the night with wine and a few games of Cranium (which I bet you wouldn’t realize is very American-centric!)

I hope you had a very nice Christmas or weekend doing whatever you did!



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