Happy New Year 2012 and Goals

Photo adapted from Amy Bethune Photography on Flickr

Happy 2012 you guys!

I spent the New Year with friends on an island eating crabs, drinking champagne and watching fireworks!

Last year I wrote about a few goals I had for my house for 2011. I have a few new goals for 2012, and thought I’d write about them again, because it’s always good to be accountable to someone if you want to get things done!

My goals and their current status for 2011 were :

  • Clean out clothes closet and donate old clothes to Goodwill (Done early in 2011 and again in late 2011!)
  • Redo bathroom (Decided not to do– not where I wanted to spend my money)
  • Clean out office and make more beautiful. Too much clutter! (Not really done. It has less stuff in it now, but isn’t pretty)
  • Finish designing guest room. I gave it a start in the last year, but want to make it a bit more polished (Done! See the makeover!)
  • Keep the house clean! Namely: Steam clean carpets, clean grout, keep couches vacuumed, dishes out of sink etc. (Somewhat done. The dishes were mostly done, and the couches stayed mostly clean. I also cleaned the grout in the bathroom early in the year, but it needs it again. Carpets are not steamed.)
  • Start a vegetable garden again and maybe expand (definitely not done. 😦 )
  • Update the garden in the front of the house, add more native plants and more structure (Done! Remember what I did?)
  • Host a party or get together every month (I didn’t host one every month, but I had a killer holiday party in December. It was a great way to end the year!)

Interestingly, all the stuff I got done and wrote about ended up on the hot project list of 2011! I should do more stuff.

So for 2012, I would like to:

  • Run a half marathon
  • Move to a more interesting place– that’s right! The mister and I are thinking about moving! He finishes his PhD this year and (hopefully) gets a job, so we get to move to a place where we both want to live, which is probably more urban than where we are now. That means I get to write about house hunting and house selling and redecorating a new spaces, which is SO exciting!
  • Learn to brew beer. Do you have any good resources?
  • Focus on design and crafting instead of renovating. Since we’ll most likely be moving, I want to take what I make with me, and we’ve already nearly maxed out the returns of renovating on our house for the neighborhood it’s in.
  • Guest post on a few different blogs. So email me if you want a free, awesome post!
  • Take a trip to Europe. This has been on the to-do list for a few months now, but we’re planning a trip to Poland, Germany, France, already for the summer! Yay! I haven’t been out of the country (minus Canada) since my honeymoon to Mexico!

That’s a short but intense list! Wish me luck!

What are your goals for 2012?



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