Inspired by: Edward Scissorhands

Sometimes I get inspired. From movies and stuff.

But they aren’t movies that you’d usually be inspired by. Like Edward Scissorhands.

Now, I saw Scissorhands a long time ago, but came across this photo the other day on the funny blog, Shlooby Kitten (which you should definitely check out):

I loved the decor. The pink carpet and walls (harking back to my childhood bedroom, perhaps?), gold accents, and the perfectly complimentary green foliage wallpaper in the kitchen.

I found some more screenwhots of Edward Scissorhands (from the blog Curiouser and curiouser!), and the decor is fabulous, and is surprisingly current.

Hello mid-century mod, sunburst mirrors, weird wall sculptures, and keys on walls!

I think Emily Henderson used a crushed velvet couch in one (or several?) of her Secrets of a Stylist episodes. Granted, it was recovered.

How about an upholstered, tufted headboard?

And by the way, if all my neighbors decided to manicure their lawns and take all the trash out of their front yards, my neighborhood would look like this, pastel colors and all:

What weird things have you been inspired by recently?



5 thoughts on “Inspired by: Edward Scissorhands

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