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Heart Rocks

Heart rock collection - California

I am attempting to take photos of all the rooms in my house and today, I will post some pics of my red powder room.  I am getting tired of the red and will probably soon change it but is has served well as a great backdrop for Christmas decorations, Valentines Day doo-dads and even Fourth of July kitsch. The thing I love most about this room is the little 2 inch ledge on the cap of the wainscoting.  I have collected heart shaped rocks for a number of years and love to display them in the bathroom. My son, Sam, took the photo of rocks in his hand while we were walking along the shore of Lake Superior one summer day. The  room is full of wonderful memories of trips to Costa Rica, Florida, Texas, California, and my cabin near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

I’m thinking about Valentines Day… and about giving a special heart shaped stone to someone I love to let them know how much they “rock” ! -Peg


3 thoughts on “Heart Rocks

  1. Dusting?? What’s that?? Ha ha. I dump them in a little basket when I clean…they are only rocks. No need to treat them with any care.

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