Blah Hallway

I’m back! I bet you didn’t even notice that I was gone for nearly two months, did you?

It’s a rainy day and Brentan’s out of town and I am here thinking of things to change at home while I’m alone. My biggest peeve right now? My boring blah white hallway. See exhibit A:


I like the prints that are on the wall, but otherwise, I like nothing.

What would you do to jazz it up and make it fit in with the rest of the house?

I’m thinking possibly: a chair rail with different colors on either side, a chandelier, a big thick racing stripe in some fun color, or just lots and lots of frames and photos.

Please give me your thoughts!



2 thoughts on “Blah Hallway

  1. I would put a full length mirror on the door to brighten up the hallway. How about wide subtle horizontal stripes on the wall – pick the colors from the same paint chip and paint the stripes 12″ or wider. You could choose pale greens or pale grays or pale blues but keep it light and subtle. The stripes could wrap around to the wall in your living room too! Can I come help paint?

  2. Yes we missed you lots!
    Hallway: Paint the ceiling a dark color, walls light color. Install a modern wavy tubular light fixture with Halegen bulbs length of ceiling. Mirror the wall where pictures are hanging

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