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Hallway Before and After

Last time I left off I hadn’t shown any progress on my hallway.

Well I’ve painted it ‘Chocolate Froth’ with a steel blue stripe at head height. I didn’t like that blue at first, but with the art hanging I like it a bit more.

I moved my art around, finally hung up my Wilco concert poster, and framed my Standing at the Edge of the Water print from 20×200. That was an ordeal. I went to Michael’s to get a custom mat and never heard back from them to come pick it up when it was ready. I finally went to the store yesterday and it was sitting in the back with a mat that was cut incorrectly and a note saying that the frame I picked out would not work with the mat. Thanks for notifying me. Luckily, I talked to the manager and she was very friendly and gave me a discount on the new frame I picked out. That’s good customer service.

So, it’s not an amazing transformation, but it does brighten everything up, and I love looking at my happy little art gallery. I’m still thinking about getting a mirror custom made for the door at the end of the hallway. That will brighten it up even more.



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