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Pottery Barn Wine Bar and Kegerator Inspiration to Actuality

My husband made a kegerator a few years back, because he used to be a frat guy, and though it provided lots of delicious beer, it was a bit of an eyesore in our place. I always thought I would sew a little skirt to cover up the refrigerator, but never did.

One day Brentan said that he wanted to try his hand in making a cabinet for the keg, and I said YES! He looked for some inspiration online, and then, I saw the above picture in a Pottery Barn catalog, and thought ‘Hey, we can do that! That is cute!’

So he worked his magic with screws and wood glue and sanding and staining… and now we have this beauty– a homemade custom piece of cabinetry that covers an ugly refrigerator, and holds our wine, liquor, and glassware. I love having a handy husband.

I accessorized with a vintage soda siphon (from my Mom!), a  handmade poster from a recent Cake concert, fresh flowers from my garden, a new bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from a delicious Livermore Valley winery (Page Mill), and an Ikea lamp to brighten up that corner of my living room. Yum. I’m ready for happy hour!



7 thoughts on “Pottery Barn Wine Bar and Kegerator Inspiration to Actuality

  1. This is great! Looking to do something similar with an IKEA dresser. Any tips on how you connected the tower to the kegerator with the cabinet in between?

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